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Mariecke van der Linden (b.1973, Ravenstein)

Mariecke van der Linden developed into a creative all-rounder at a very young age. Her father taught her to read music when she was four, and she spent her childhood fanatically playing music (trumpet, piano, singing) drawing, painting and staging theatrical productions.

At the age of 17 - before graduating from high school - she left to study composition with Theo Loevendie at the Royal Conseratory in The Hague. She specialised almost immediately in opera, which brings all artistic disciplines together, and after graduation she created at least six operatic productions with  Theatercompagnie, all of which were highly successful with the press and the public.

These multi-disciplinar art-opera's went on to be performed hundreds of times. Throughout that period she continued to paint, often using her artworks as source material for the outline of new operas. Indeed her operas are known for ther remarkably visual aspect with set and costume floating throug the music like living paintings.

During a two-year stay in London (2006-2007) Mariecke decided to focus on visual art.



In2014 she was commissioned by Paul Spies, director of the Amsterdam Museum to fill an entire portrait gallery with her paintings at the Hermitage Amsterdam. She created a series of life-sized paintings , full-lenght portraits of prominent citizens of Amsterdam. The exhibition was opened by Eberhard van der Laan who, as mayor and ambassador for this New Civic Guards Gallery, was the first to be given a portrait.

Since 2016 Mariecke has worked every day on Godbrun, a Chapel for Europe that is her biggest and most demanding project to date, featuring over 200 squeare metres of oil paint on canvas. It has allowed her to explore all the themes fascinate and are dear to her.

Mariecke van der Linden has a daughter (b. 2007) and lives and works in Amsterdam, on several locations and studio's in the citycentre. In the Amsterdam Museum she has a studio to work on the New Civic Guard Project. Together with her partner in life and work Yuri Honing she started  Goldbrun Gallery aan het IJ, a platform and exhibitionspace for idea and productiondevelopement for music and museums.

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