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Foto Peter Tijhuis

Pig’s Wealth. 2.20x1.50 oil on canvas  N
DSC00279 - versie 2_bewerkt.jpg

Mariecke van der Linden



works together with Yuri Honing on behalf of Museum de Fundatie






Bluebeard as seducer, Bluebeard as judge and executioner, Bluebeard as savior.




opening 12 June 2020

Nijenhuis Castle


together with Yuri Honing

sculptures and soundscape







From June 12 you are invited as a guest of the castle to wander around and to immerse yourself in the seductive universe of image and sound of Bluebeard.






The following text provides background information about Project Blue Beard,

an extra page with new work will appear on this site soon,

and is currently being made.




The back of the cloth; personal background and

cheerful considerations in the Bluebeard project

by Mckvanderlinden


In the famous attractive fairy tale of Perrault, Bluebeard is the almighty.

Seduction drips from it, it brings abundance and it brings death.

How many times as a young girl have I submerged myself shudderingly in that world of dark blue catacombs in which innocence and white bride's gowns would end up in a bath of blood.

(Women with severed limbs such as dolls and such.)

Bluebeard represents the dark, this female killer, he is a misogynist.

Someone you warn your daughter for. He is angry. And the fear of every parent. So mine too.


If the Bluebeard is now a woman's devourer , we can do it

transpose to our time of 'metoo', like a modern Weinstein or Epstein? Or should we mainly compare him with real serial killers like Ted Bundy.


However, if you reflect on the fairy tale, there are several themes that (apart from the oppression of women) play a prominent role. After all, discovering a horrible secret comes under its own death penalty. We now know that the modern-day discoverer of such a sensitive secret, the so-called whistleblower, does not end well.

Something with ending in a caravan in a forest, etc. assists me.


Who is Bluebeard, where is he?

In essence, aren't we all a little bit of a voluntary prisoner of a (consumer) system, in which we share our opinion fairly, or refuse to participate in, for example, social media, at risk of being excluded. On losing respect and respect - for teenagers, literally, the right to exist !!!

For example, if I stop purchasing apple equipment I invalidate my work while I already do it

find a bad company for a long time.

Little far-fetched maybe ...


On the parameters of Blauwbaard, how much does the meter turn out on myself?


In essence, aren't we all a Bluebeard somewhere. Or do we know one?

What secret do we hide (whether or not) fearfully from the outside world and what have we to lose.





Mama was a Bluebeard

And then the possibility of a Bluebeard as a woman. Why are there no power-hungry women. The world is full of it. We are talking about Epsten, but then his companion, Ghislaine Maxwell. A henchman and recruiter of adolescent girls who forced them into oral sex.

Who is the universal Bluebeard Woman, the ruler and the guard of the secret. So many examples are popping up. Thea Mouhar, the illustrious drug lords for whom all men did it. Notorious spouses from the 1920s or 60s in the United States whose legal spouses found the grave one by one. Is the British running an African colony in the 1950s not really a form of Bluefish - Or is it a mother from the Middle East forcing her sons into martyrdom on behalf of the family honor.



Bluards as power bearers of this time.


Can the Bluebeard phenomenon be compared to oligarchs with their billions of yachts, or extravagantly rich presidents with a group of frightened employees in the staff? A system in which all cash flows remain current as long as the dirty laundry is not hanging outside.


It may have something to do with the super rich and their sometimes lust for recognition and adoration: think Kardashians

Looking at the Kardashian bubble for a minute, someone is relieved for a minute from his own perhaps less richly endowed bubble.


Bluebeard as a savior and a bride with high expectations


And it is possible that adoring man, on the other hand, submits himself voluntarily, and surrenders to the star, the idol, or the rich important man as in the fairy tale Bluebeard.

After all, his bride enters the castle with great expectations, through their marriage he forever indemnifies her from impending poverty and invisibility, she escapes the possibility of a void existence.


What are her expectations, does he bring her what actually belongs to her? A larger, richer life lifted in the light? Do you see the Poor-Poor-Handsome-Peasant Girl becoming LieveRijkeSprokjesPrinses and that is justice because it is me?



She must have known somewhere that as soon as she entered the catacombs the darkness reigned.

Perhaps that is precisely why she wandered around, looking for redemption through that same darkness, in the catacombs of darkness and light.


(That man had a blue beard for a reason, isn't that rather lurid?)










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